McKay Moore Drainage is committed to quality work and to providing and maintaining safe and healthy workplaces and protecting the environment. The company makes Quality, Safety and Health Management fundamental to its business and recognises that continuous improvement is integral to its business success. In particular we will seek to ensure that:

  • We comply with legal requirements and have effective Health and Safety Management systems in place to recognized standards.
  • It is the individual’s responsibility for the Health and Safety of the workplace and MMDL support the employee participation and consultation with employees.
  • We ensure that the necessary resources are provided and that all employees participate actively in Quality, Safety and Health Management
  • We will identify our customer, determine and agree to their requirements, and supply products and services to the agreed standard every time.
  • All employees are appropriately trained and supervised to enable them to carry out their work to a high standard and without causing harm or damage.
  • All employees take responsibility for their actions and follow procedures.
  • Hazards are identified, assessed for significance and dealt with firstly by elimination, if that is not possible, by isolation and then by minimization.
  • Procedures are developed and followed for significant risk activities.
  • Staff are kept informed of specifications, hazards, emergency preparedness and other matters relating to their work.
  • Incidents, non-conformance and accidents are reported, investigated and recorded.
  • Records and other documentation requirements are maintained to a high standard.

See below for our complete Health and Safety Policy.

Health and Safety Policy 

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